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Application for MidwiferyONE Spring 2021 (due Jan 20, 2021)
by Beth Moonstone - Sunday, 13 December 2020, 8:41 AM

MidwiferyONE Education Program

Director: Beth Anne Moonstone, MA.ED, CPM

Thank you for your interest in the MidwiferyONE program. To apply to the program you will need to submit an application.


This application process will require you to upload evidence of HS graduation or equivalency, or evidence of level college credits. You will also be asked to write a short essay on why you'd like to join the MidwiferyONE program. Please submit evidence of high school graduation/GED, or previous college attendance. If you have already completed CPR, NRP, or Doula Training please submit evidence of completion. (If you will be requesting transfer credit for Anatomy, Biology, or Nutrition course you will need to submit a transcript from your previous school)

Please be aware that MidwiferyONE is a private program that is not accredited by another authority (not MEAC) and does not include hands-on clinical work or an apprenticeship/internship. The program is designed to be the academic portion of your education. 

As the director of MidwiferyONE, I support continuing to offer pathways for student midwives that exist separate from regulations. The mentorship model of apprenticeship and academics has existed as long as there have been midwives. Whatever route to midwifery you choose, your goal should be to become an excellent midwife first. Any credentials, certifications, and licensure should be just one part of the journey.  

If you are working towards the CPM credential please visit this link for more info on the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP). You should also know what the midwifery regulations are in the state or states you anticipate practicing in and understand whether they require the CPM or require a MEAC accredited program as part of their criteria for licensure. While the PEP process has existed as long as NARM has, some states have now made regulations requiring MEAC education. If you have questions about this please let me know.

If you currently have an apprenticeship with a midwife, I strongly encourage you to discuss the academic expectations of your apprenticeship,  the NARM certification process and your state regulations with them. 




Student Midwife of Color Scholarship: Each semester Midwifery ONE offers two 50% tuition reduction scholarship for students of color.
Student Midwife LGBTQ+ Scholarship: Each semester Midwifery ONE offers one 50% tuition reduction scholarship for a LGBTQ+ student midwife.
Midwifery Access Scholarship: Each semester Midwifery ONE offers two $300. tuition reduction scholarships for students who demonstrate financial need.


To apply for a scholarship please write a letter of request for the scholarship and submit it to Please make sure to include which scholarship you are applying for. Feel free to include any information you think MidwiferyONE should know. 


*I do not ask students to formally prove financial need. I encourage the honor system. Please only request a scholarship if you truly need financial assistance in order to pay your tuition. Recognize scholarships are limited and once they are taken, they are not available for someone else. I also do not ask students to specifically state how they would use a scholarship to increase racial justice, social justice, or diversity. Increasing equity and continuing to educate ourselves and others should be a goal of all humans. My hope is that as a midwifery community we all make these efforts in whatever ways we can. It should not be an expectation that is asked only of scholarship students. It should be an expectation of all students and midwives.